Our Impact

Our local Contribution

Our Vision

Preserving Our Planet for Future Generations


  • By planting new forests and not harvesting, we are actively contributing to climate change mitigation
  • We will develop innovative solutions to address the climate challenge.
  • We will make a significant contribution towards the world’s ambition to limit global temperature rise to a maximum of 1.5 °C.


  • We will lead the science on the regeneration of forests to native state.
  • Where practical, selected by-products from our forest management programme will be used for a range of sustainable economic applications, such as the development of bio-fuels or in bio-chemistry.
  • We will define and lead industry best practice.

Trusted partnerships:

  • We do what we say – every time.
  • We deliver value for our partners – every year.
Our Approach

Unlock Your Land’s Potential

Your marginal land could become a valuable asset, offering a diversified income and long-term potential, coupled with environmental benefits.

To understand your opportunity, work with our local experts, with over 100,000 hectares under management.


Our Community

Investing in our community

As well as working in partnership with over 6,000 local landowners, and creating jobs and business opportunities in local regions – working with local nurseries, planting companies and other rural businesses, NZCF is regularly investing in our community.

From scientific research and development, drawing on or working within our environment, to targeting areas of need in regional New Zealand and helping provide access and opportunities for young people, NZCF is proud to be making a real difference as part of our vision of preserving – and enhancing – the planet for future generations.

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